Monday, July 18, 2011

Custom Business Content Depends On Keyword Research

Grab the bull by the horns with your Keyword Research
If you have a website for your business, then you should think about conducting keyword research on a regular basis to ensure that you are using the best keywords to draw in website traffic. Using keyword research effectively will help your website be ranked higher with Google and other search engines, putting you on the first few pages of search results, if not the first page. The higher your website ranks, the better chances you have of increased traffic.


Keyword density is important because it helps you choose a target market to advertise to. This means that advertising this way can be more effective than other forms of advertising because of the fact that all of your advertising dollars are geared more towards your target demographic instead of just putting your ad in a newspaper or a magazine and hoping that the people that you want to see it actually will. 

You choose the keywords you want to associate with your company after careful research and thought.  The business you hire will create original content on your site or blog that will link those keywords in a way that will make them more likely to be sought and found in search engine results pages (SERPs). There are many companies and freelance content writers around that specialize in this kind of advertising even though it is a relatively new method.

These content writers will help you by consulting with you to help you find affordable blog and web content writing for you website that is within your advertising budget. Some companies are even switching their marketing program to include only search engine optimization and are getting rid of radio, TV and print ads completely. 
If you are looking to expand your business, consult with an SEO company or FREELANCER TODAY to see which one has the right services for your business.


Look for both short- and long-string keywords to integrate into your website content. Recent research shows that people are tending to use more long-string keywords when they conduct online searches than simple short-string keywords. You should update your content at least once a week and resubmit your site to search engines to have them indexed. Also integrate your keywords into page titles and descriptions.


One of the ways to effectively use the information you gather from your research activities is to integrate your chosen keywords into your site content. Optimally, you want to use your keywords at a keyword density rate of one to ten percent. If you use a higher keyword density rate, then you run the risk of being penalized by search engines for keyword stuffing. Unusually high keyword density rates can ultimately result in your website being banned, so avoid this practice.

Try to use keywords naturally in your text content. This is where using long-string keywords is helpful. If you have an e-commerce store site, then use keywords in product descriptions.  Packing keywords onto a site just to get noticed does so but in a negative way.  The web crawlers of the major search engines are on to that.  Original content, that have keywords strategically placed is what turns the crawlers on!


By using keywords appropriately in your website content, you can find the affordable services of a freelance content writer to increase your site traffic. This is one of the primary goals of updating your content regularly by a professional content writer that knows the business and what it takes to turn out great content on a regular basis. It does not cost a great deal of money to conduct excellent keyword research, but by using the affordable services of a freelance content writer you can potentially increase sales and exposure for your business.

This post is available for download at the FREE KEYWORD QUICK GUIDE LINK on the left sidebar.  I hope this helps a little bit.

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