Sunday, July 10, 2011

Content For Hire: Who Should You Choose For Your Business' Custom Content

Where do you get "quality content?"
It's difficult, I know. Type in the words "affordable content writer" or "professional content writing services" into Google, and the page blazes like the bathroom after a two-day vacation in Tijuana with only table water to drink. Top links, sponsored links, "affordable", "cheap" "the best"…they all call out to you. Well, that's what you're looking for right? So how do you choose? And, which ones are really "professional" and not "well, I have a website" or "affordable" and not "low quality".


You get what you pay for in most cases…simple as that. Some content writers will charge up to $50-$100 dollars for articles, blogs or web page optimization. Not much? We're talking $50-$100 per article, per blog, per page! Yeah, I know…bless their little hearts.

Others are charging as low as $50 for a set of 100-200 articles. Yeah, these are probably teams of writers from the Third World but they do it! And some people gobble it up only to look at the final product and say…"oh…uhm…damn!"

Best answer: Hire a content writer that is within the maximum bracket of your budge and that offers revisions to meet your needs. They may charge a little bit more but by promising revisions it means they are truly intent on customer satisfaction. They should have at least 2 years of experience and be able to provide you references, samples and proven results of how their content has bettered whatever it was meant to better.


Content writers are people too. Some have great "people skills" and some don't leave the computer screen except to get another Slim Jim, beer and to use the bathroom.

Writers can be reclusive by nature but a freelance writer that hinges his next future payments on returning customers and new jobs should be able to market themselves and act in a professional manner. You shouldn't be afraid to IM, email, phone or Skype your content writer—he or she should be ready to answer all of your questions and make you feel comfortable with their services.

Best Answer: Choose a content writer that is professional, has pictures on their social media profiles (does it matter what they look like? No, but they should be willing to show themselves!) and that you get could get along with at dinner or, at least, in line at the supermarket!

Freelance Content Writer at work

Style and Tone

Besides the stuff we talked about earlier like proven in the field and samples you should try to find a content writer that can produce your custom content. You'll find that some are experts in certain areas, or niches, and others market themselves as being able to write anything.

Style and tone is important as well. How much good is that technical writer who is an expert in Tax litigation going to be to your humor blog? Maybe you want a sarcastic tone to your posts and articles? Perhaps, you want the "Suzy-homemaker-I-just-made-a-batch-of-cookies" feel. It's up to you but not all content writers are created equal.

Best Answer: Interview your content writer either by phone, video, in person, or by an analysis of their samples and references. Choose the one that suits your needs! You'll find him or her…they're out there!

I know you have comments! Some people will be disgusted by this post and I know that I've insulted a bunch of people here. Let me know what you think about me and the post!
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