Sunday, June 19, 2011

Click Me? Click You!

Search Engine Optimization(SEO): Is it that important?

Sure, there is no "key" to success but search engine optimization can play a vital role in the level of success in a small business or blog. Attractive websites and awesome Facebook pages are only good if people are looking at them and finding them helpful.

Online marketing of your brand, blog or business is important  . The use of articles and posts by good content writers is a huge business booster.  Social media is King right now. Effective writing with effective writing techniques that are full of great content and geared towards specified markets will make or break your site.

Search Engine Results Pages(SERPS) and SEO: A Quick Decision with a Huge Impact

Did you use a search engine to find this site? How long did you contemplate before you clicked? What words got you to depress that forefinger on the mouse? There are millions of people who use the internet everyday and the decision to click on your site or not takes seconds.



It was over! You only have that long to make an impression.

Original text and images, original, well written content, as well as effective keywords that satisfy a question in one glance are what makes sites and businesses successful. You only have seconds, remember, don't waste them!

Businesses and sites that come up high on the search engine results pages get clicked. The ones that are buried or not listed at all don't. It's that simple. No way around that tidbit. The chances of someone tripping over your site randomly are low and, frankly, a risk that you can't take with the amount of competition out there. Even more frankly, it's not a smart business decision.

So, I guess the question is: Do you wanna' get clicked or don't you? Do you want great content? Do you want to be listed in the SERPs or keep advertising on those local TV channels and town newspapers?
Well…? Do ya'?

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