Saturday, June 25, 2011

Start Your Website Campaign NOW!

 A business website or a person's blog needs rich content that is original.  I 'm pretty sure that you've probably read a couple of articles, blogs, and advertisements that say that same exact thing.  Usually, from what I have seen though, the same people don't effectively explain why that is so important.

Good Content entices a call to action

We've all had the same experience so let's just use a simple example.  Try typing the words "coloring pages" into your search engine.   The first few that come up are going to advertise the word "free" and that's always good for websites and businesses.  Offer something for a person's time, or just as a thank you for stopping by, and they are sure to thank you by staying longer, reading more, and buying your service. 

Likewise, content that is written by effective, experienced writers will have several "calls to action" within its text.  These could be subtle innuendo ("free" or "30% off" say come on in and buy!)  or blatant "buy now" or "call toll free now for this limited time offer!" additions in the text.  Either way the content should let the visitor know what is being offered, present an easy way to access it, and call for further action with passion.  

 This "call to action" should say "we are trying to help you!" and NOT  "come buy our stuff!"

Offering packets of advice or "expert, inside" knowledge such as "Quick Guides" or white papers will ignite curiosity, establish a trust in the business, and lay a foundation for a future relationship. 

Good Content Sets You Apart

The more original and unique the content provided then the more a visitor or reader is apt to read.  People who post articles that have been all over the web are just recycling the same old information.  How many times have you queried a search and read about 10 sites that have basically the same information but just in a different font?

By providing your site and business pages with original content that is new to reader or visitor you are more apt to entice their interest and leave them feeling that your site was more useful than the others because they actually learned something from you.  

Which sounds more interesting to you?
 Apple Pie Recipes     


 New England McIntosh Apples:  Build the Perfect Pie

Personally, I'd have to go with the second but you'd be surprised at how many people use bland, regurgitated information to try to seduce viewers. 

How does Good Content Improve Your Business

Combining the two methods above will ensure a richer experience for the site visitor and they will be more apt to bookmark your page, add it to "favorites" and/or share it with friends.

Giving control of your website to a professional content writer that is experienced in website optimization for internet searches AND getting people to buy and click can ensure your success.
Content writers may also do the following for you:


Keyword Research:

  Set you apart from your competitors

Proof read your site for accuracy and effectiveness:

    This is paramount in ensuring consistency with whatever campaign you're starting.

Create "free" content:

    I like a "Quick Guide" format but white papers and e-books work as   well.  This gives the interested party an added incentive to "click" to your page.

Develop the Content:

   Landing pages with high quality articles and blog posts that rich in the desired keyword start answering questions right away! 

Construct a press release and a link building campaign:

   Distributed to sites that will get it read and pushed out around the web and bring more interest and visitors.

Start a Social Media Campaign:

   Advertise and solicit your site to the huge populations of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN and the bunch.

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