Thursday, June 16, 2011

Choosing Content Is Like Painting a Room

It really is.  There are so many similarities that it is kind of uncanny but it's true. Deciding to paint a room in your home or apartment and deciding what kind of content you want on your site require many of the same decisions that are made (or not) when choosing good content.

Deciding that you want to do it.

Hey, it isn't an easy decision no matter what you may think.  Do you want to give blogging a chance?  If so, why?  Do you wanna' monetize or just vent?  Do you really need another hassle in your life?

Choosing the colors.


Is your room going to be bright and cheery with open, sunlit windows or dark and calming with candle light?  Same goes for the content of your page.  What are you selling?  What message are you trying to convey?  You have to choose a niche or focus!  Every site and writer has their own tone and style.  Choose the one that you're comfortable with.

When is "paint day" and how much are you going to pay:


You want good-to- great stuff on the wall right?  Else, no one will notice you did anything at all.  You're willing to pay well for good and more for great.  The same goes for your website content.  Crap will bear maggots.  Good will get results.  Great will put you at number 1 on the search engine results page! (SERP!)

Choosing the paint and applying it:


Shop around.  There are plenty of stores that will mix and demo for you right there on the spot.  Content writers are the same way.  Ask for samples and ask when it can be delivered.

Letting it dry after it's applied:

 You've painted but you can't start partying yet! Let the paint dry, the fumes die down and the true power of your new room/website/blog take root!

If you build it they will come.  Build it well and they will pay and stop by again…maybe.  Make it great and they'll never want to leave. 
Choose Muisings Freelance Content and you'll get all that you desire!


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  2. Alian,

    I am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the comment!

  3. That’s a great analogy, Ken. You know, I believe that anybody can write, but not everyone can do it well. That being said, you need to know what is good enough for you, so you can confidently choose a content writer. Also, remember that information is useless if it is not conveyed properly.