Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Power of Custom Content on Blogs

Blogs are now one of the greatest ways to make money on the internet.  Putting custom content on those blogs is what makes them succesfull.  You just can't throw re-hashed articles on your blog or pull other people's work from the internet and hope to pull in traffic or have any kind of legitimacy. 

There's a website right now that is putting out legit, custom content and doing pretty well for itself.  Blogging For Dads is a relatively new site that aims at helping work at home dads find work, be wary of scams and offers great motivational advice.

Despite the sharp layout, the free blogging eBook and limited advertising on the site it has one thing that is moving it further and further up the search engine results pages-custom content.  The admin is a blogger, there is no doubt about that.  If you subscribe you can usually count on getting a new post a day, at the least you're getting fresh articles about 5 times a week.

Blogging For Dads is still relatively small but if the site keeps up these kinds of statistics and work ethic then it is sure to gain some popularity in a relatively crowded niche.

I advise you to read the articles and find out what custom content looks like.  Custom content has a few characteristics that are necessary:

  • Always Unique
  • Fresh, personal expercience
  • Genuine perspective
  • Authority
  • Not re-hashed.
Check it out for yourself!

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