Friday, June 22, 2012

10 Facebook Business Page Tips

Facebook has really bent over backwards in recent years to make themselves more friendly to business owners.  If you're a content writer then you should already have your business website set up.  Now it's time to build those social media profiles and start gathering a following there!  

With Facebook's new "timeline" feature that was introduced in March of 2012, Facebook has put itself in position to possibly become the premiere social media choice for business owners.

Let's go over some tips that will help totally optimize your business' Facebook Timeline!

Don't Be Afraid To Brand!  Facebook has allowed businesses to incorporate a default background image to help promote brand and services.
Post, Post and Post (But Not Too Much!)  Feel free to post 2 to 4 times a week.  Over doing it can be over kill and seem "spammy".  And, of course, your content on social media is just as important as your content in your blog.  Research before you post.  Keeping your clients and fans currently abreast of what is going on with your business and inside that business community is okay.  Think of posting like emailing, too much and you'll start getting deleted or ignored.  Find the right mix and listen to the people who interact with your page.
Keep It Fresh:  Make sure that you have an editorial calendar of the topics that you're going to post on.  This will prevent readers from getting bored and help avoid redundancy, much like a blog's editorial calendar.
Don't Gloat: Add Value and Promote:  Nothing is more annoying than hearing a business brag about itself.  It is okay to promote but make sure that you're adding value to get the most interaction out of your fan and client base.
Use Images:  Get the attention of readers by adding quality, unique photos from the world around-as long as it is relevant and professional.
Brag A Little Bit:  Okay, this goes against tip #4 but you'll want to note your company's milestones and achievement to add validity!
What Used To Be Is Something New:  The old "Facebook Tabs" are now "Facebook Apps"-don't be afraid of them, use them to help in any way they can to promote your business and make engagement more enjoyable for fans.
Push the Envelope of Promotion:  Make sure to run promotions on your Facebook page.  Remember, the more that interact and "share" your posts the more people will see it.  And that means more business for you!
Bring In Other Players:  Integrate your Twitter and Facebook accounts to ensure maximum visibility and to "double-dip" by making "followers" into "fans" and vice versa.
Engage! Engage with your fan base and comment on their posts.   The more time you spend fostering a relationship, the more you will get out of it.

For an in-depth look at using Facebook for Business click the image below:


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